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In the world of AMG, power is king. V12, V8, inline-six, highly-turbocharged four or hybrid, who cares how you get there, so long as it trounces the competition with brute force. And yet the boss of Mercedes’ performance arm, Tobias Moers, daydreams about something daintier.

We asked him if you took board approval and bean counters out of the equation, and had the opportunity to build anything under the AMG brand, what would it be? “My personal perspective, although there would never be a business case for it, would be a small, [...]

It’s not just new track-ready hypercars and bruising German super saloons that’ve made their debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Pirelli has a new tyre. In other news, Greggs has a new pasty.

We jest. Normally we wouldn’t bring you updates on new tyres, but we’ll make an exception for Pirelli’s ‘Cyber Car’ technology. You’ve heard of phones, thermostats and even entire cars connected to the Internet of Things. Soon, your tyre will be too, if Pirelli has anything to do with it.

The idea of the cyber car – more accurately the cyber tyre – is that each tyre contains a sensor that records not just internal pressure, like [...]

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