Financing & Insurance

We assist our customers by providing financing facilities from all banks and financing companies.


Al Farooq Automotive is affiliated with banks all over the city, including Oman Arab Bank, Bank Muscat and HSBC. We use our affiliations to ensure fast and reliable financing with low interest rates, as well as Islamic Banking Financing for our customers. We provide value to our customers through our products, financing and insurance policies alike!

In our years of experience we have developed a network in the financing industry. It is because of these networks that we are able to wrap up the financing process in as little time as a few hours (provided with all appropriate paperwork). In addition to our affiliate banks, we can arrange speedy financing from any other bank of choice to suit our customer’s preferences.


As is the case with our financing solutions, our affiliated brands in the insurance industry help us provide the best and efficient services to our customers. We have insurance brokers available at a moment’s notice offering the best rates in the market. Our insurance solutions help our customers save time. In order to help faciliate the process further, our representative assists the entire insurance process by being physically present to smooth things out.

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